37 Degree L18 Fitness Tracker Review – Advanced Features for a low price?

You might be busy checking some other fitness trackers, but didn’t you stopped to check the 37 Degree L18 fitness tracker, well we did it, and in this post we are reviewing this very affordable fitness wristband, so enjoy these details so you can make your decision.

What is the L8

Generally talking, the 37 Degree L18 device is a fitness tracker wristband, the device promise very advanced fitness tracking features with a very affordable price, so complete to read this review for more details.

Unboxing and Design


For its price, the unboxing experience was good, the L18 band come in a black box, the device will come detached in three parts, the plastic band, the central clip that makes all the magic, and an extra small module which is the mini USB charging dock, but unfortunately, there is no USB cable included, so you have to get yours, which is a normal standard USB cable, you will also find the clear user manual. For the sizes, the L18 comes in one size, but it will fit all different wrists thanks to its adjustable band, i had the black version, but if you’re not into black, you can find other choices which are blue and red colors.

You can easily mount the device’s dial to the wristband, then adjust it to your wrist, the main clip looks good, but don’t expect a touch display, it is only a static accessory with that pulse graphic. The 37 Degree L18 fitness tracker’s band is made with a TPSiV material, which has an anti-UV and anti-microbal properties, something that will ensure you’re wearing the right thing for 24 hours a day.

Features and performance


The 37 Degree L18 wristband comes packed with plenty of features, and there is a lot of them considering the price tag, first of all, the device can track your basic daily activities such as walked steps, distance and burned calories, all of those data will be synced to an Android or iOS smartphone app, in which you can track your progress, and of course, the wristband can also automatically detect and track your normal and deep sleep, so lets talk a little about its accuracy: The device was compared with my FitBit Charge HR fitness tracker, and the steps counting was pretty accurate, a small difference was spotted but it will not change the results, so it in this department the device can be very helpful.

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Beside of tracking your basic activities, the L18 band can give some advanced metrics, the device is equipped with a heart rate monitor that can measure your 24 hours heart rate, and about its accuracy, well it is accurate enough for a non medical device you can get a little difference when comparing it with a medical HRM. The 37 Degree is also capable of detecting your blood pressure: fascinating right! you only need to activate your pressure reading from the app, and the data will be displayed on the app, when reading your blood pressure, and if you’re doing it for medical purpose, don’t take it very seriously because it can be a little inaccurate. The 37 Degree fitness tracker can also remind you of your inactivity via gentle vibrations, something that will encourage you to move more.

Sleep monitoring is great, the L18 band can automatically detect when you’re sleeping and start counting your deep and light sleep hours

If you’re a swimmer, this is not for you, but if you’re only running in the rain, that will be totally OK, the device is IP54 certified which mean that it is splash proof and it can stand some water, but you cannot immerse it.

App and Battery Life


The L18 comes with its own Android and iOS app, you just need to scan the included QR code to download it, the app user interface is pretty clean, you can find a menu for your different activities, sleep, steps, mood, fatigue and blood pressure, you will get them in a simple way, the app is not complicated. Well for the mood and fatigue, the device and the app will estimate your mood and fatigue level based on your sleep, blood pressure, heart rate and daily activities, so don’t expect a fancy sensor to do it for you. The app can also give you some advices on how to improve your health based on your activities.

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The 37 Degree band is provided with a 157 mAh battery that can last for 5 days on a Standby mode, when trying it for daily use, the battery can hold there for about 4 days, after that, you will need to re-juice it using the included USB dock, and when it comes to continuous use, this fitness tracker can store your data of 5 days activity without having to sync them to your Bluetooth device, so make sure to sync at least every 5 days.

  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Advanced features
  • Good battery

  • Lack of GPS
  • Not very accurate HRM

The Verdict

For its price, the L18 band is a great fitness tracker, for only $19.9, you can get it on GearBest and enjoy advanced features that can only be found on expensive fitness trackers, of course you will find other devices for the same price, like the popular MisFit Flash, but you will not get a heart rate monitor on board, the advanced features are not very accurate, but they are fair enough for daily use and for getting an idea about your health.

7.4 Total Score
Great features for the price!

The 37 Degree band is very affordable, and it comes with advanced features, it cannot compete with other expensive flagships, but it is great for the price.

Price Quality report
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  • Ron Baker

    ow do I turn it back on?

  • Geraldo Suazo

    using the 36 app, in setting > turn on

  • Thea Q

    If anyone has purchased 37 Degree L18 Smart Bluetooth Wristband Fitness Watch from gear best recently and has downloaded the upgrade apps. I would be very interested to hear how it is working for you. After downloading the apps (it worked fine before that) mine doesn’t work anymore and Gear best doesn’t know how to fix it for me. It seems they also cannot get info from the manufacturer. Is that something you can help with Geraldo or anyone out there? To return it costs me $13.75 for a $17 refund so I’m trying to make it work. Because it is registered to my phone I cannot install a replacement.

  • Mastan Vali

    I never knew this will alert the inactiveness, though I am using this bracelet since Feb 16, how to use this feature, where it has to be activated. I was missing even the wake up alarm-vibrating mode which I was using in my mi band.

  • Fivos Kipouros

    is there any possibility, the 37 bracelet with 50% battery to be weak or doen’t work properly? I am asking because it doesn’t measure anything and says always measurement failed. please check etc…