A metallic smart tattoo from microsoft ?

Microsoft innovations are not stopping, there is not just the Hololens, Microsoft Research and MIT’s Media Lab has unveiled details about a futuristic research project called Tattio, a metallic tattoo that can give you extra abilities.

The first idea is to use this tattoo as an NFC tag that can act as your digital identity, it can also be used to unlock your smartphone or other NFC equipped devices, the team behind this project has also added LEDs and vibration motors to give more functionalities. This tattoo costs almost nothing, it will be priced at only 1.5 USD, something that will be able to turn heads. Until now, the applications of this tattoo are still limited, the team was able to display texts and images when a smartphone is near the tattoo, but we should expect more soon.

This is not the first on skin technology, Chaotic moon has also presented an interesting tattoo that you can check here.