A Smart Shoe To Give Street Directions



Now days, you can use plenty of technologies to navigate to your destination, smartphones, smartwatches and many wearables like the Google Glass , but all of those will distract you from enjoying the views of nature and make you concentrate just on the display. An Indian start-up has unveiled a new project, and a new way to navigate, it is a wearable technology, but with no screen, the smart shoe will give you destinations !

How It Works

The shoe contains navigation equipments inside of it, the Lechal interactive haptic footwear will connect to your smartphone to get the directions, and when you reach a junction, the smart shoe will vibrate left or right to indicate the way you should turn to.. And if don’t want to use it, you just have to disable this feature and use it like a normal shoe.


The Smart Shoe is available for pre-order from this website,  and it will cost you about $150.