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A Sport version of the Moto 360 will be there


After officially unveiling the second generation of the Moto 360, Motorola had not enough, so if you’re a workout person, and if you often to gym, the first model is not going to suit you, that’s why the company has introduced a sport Moto 360.

The new sport version comes with an exercise friendly material, so you’ll not be afraid of damaging your leather and steel bands, the new smartwatch will be equipped with GPS to accurately track your walked/runned distances. The sport version is based on the 42mm model of the Moto 360, and it comes with an extra storage so you can load it with your workout music, then stream it via bluetooth to your headphones.

By this announcement, Motorola is officially into fitness tracking wearables, the company did not reveal much details about other features, price or launching dates, but this will be surely a very useful device, so watchout Jawbone and Fitbit!