A Wearable for blind people is developed by Toyota

When wearables comes to help the ones in need, then we can say that these devices are a must have, beside making cars and smart infotainment systems, Toyota has a prototype that will help blind people navigating in indoor spaces without needing another person.

Navigating outdoor can be made using a companion dog, person or canes, but closed spaces like malls, houses or airports could be a little harder, Toyota promises an easy navigation using this device. It is called Project Blaid, this small device having the shape of a horseshoe will be worn on the blind person’s shoulder, it is equipped with small cameras that serves with object identification, facial recognition and indoor mapping features, the user can then communicate with the device via voice recognition and buttons, then he can get voice and vibration outputs.

You can watch this video: Blind People Amazing Reactions when they see for the first time

Project Blaid is still a prototype, but bringing it to the public should be a big revolution, until then, you can watch the video for more informations.