Acer teams up with Victorinox INOX to make your watch smarter

Victorinox is well known for its Swiss Army knives, the knife manufacturer has also a great collection of very beautiful ordinary watches, but in collaboration with Acer, those watches are now smarter thanks to a bezel add-on.

This add-on is called the INOX Cybertool, and it is there to clip to the bezel of the Victorinox watch by fitting around the casing, It’s made of polyurethane thermo-plastic and covered in Gorilla Glass 3, the Cybertool will make the watch a smart one, the device will be able to bring smartphone notifications in a small display that will also show different timezones. The clip will also add activity tracking features to your watch, and in order for you to customize all of those additions, an Android and an iOS app is there to help you.

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The CEO of Victorinox said: “Our first collaboration with Acer is a wearable device that makes your watch smart, giving it multi-functionality much like our iconic Swiss Army Knife”, “Our partnership with Acer enables us to introduce a unique solution that combines the best of both worlds – an innovative wearable accessory that adds technology and functionality to an existing INOX watch, without compromising its Swiss-made integrity and durability“.

The INOX Cybertool is provided with a 6 days battery life, and it will cost you around $225, it will be available in two colors which are black and blue.