Action R6 Rocket Skates review

This is a new way of transport and this is the R6 Rocket Skates review,  while waiting for Elon Musk to finish working on the Hyperloop project by  finding a way to make trains travel at a seriously very high speed (760 mph), you can use the Rocket Skates to go for a short ride or to navigate between home and work or go to a near coffee shop,  a new wearable transport is here!

Design: What is the Rocket Skate

The device is the first smart electric skate made for short distances transportation, the Rocket is a pair of separate motorized electric rollers that should be  worn on your feet, each skate is provided with three wheels, two big ones on the side and one small wheel on the back, one skate weight about 7 pounds, so it is a little heavy to use, but you will get use to it after a little time.

How it works

Fist of all, you need to power this pair up using the back button, the pair of skates comes with two footplates in which you can put your feet and secure them using the attached strap, and here you go, once worn and you’re standing up, you need to Tilt your feet forward to get those 55 watt motors turning and taking you away, the footplates can pivot up and down so you can stand up easily and walk normally with those 7 pounds on each feet (it is a little heavy). To be honest, getting the rocket skates to roll into the streets is a tough task, and it will be a very hard one if you didn’t own a pair of Heelys before, this will take you about one to two hours to understand how to make it go and stop and how to make a good balance, and get ready for some serious falls too!


Once rolling to your destination, you surely want to speed up and down and also stop somewhere, that’s why you need to move your heel up to speed and and move them down to lower your speed, and in order to finish the ride, tilt the footplates back and let the brakes do the work, by time, you will also learn how to smoothly stop it like a Pro! The device has a maximum speed of 12 Miles per hour, that’s decent enough to get you quickly to your near destination. The rocket skates are equipped with two lithium-ion batteries that will last up to 45 minutes on a single charge, charging them from zero to full will take about two hours, and the fully charged device can take you non-stop for about 6 miles or a little more. I don’t know if you travel that distance every day, but for me, i needed to recharge it one time at the end of each day.

You need to first know that these rollers can fit men’s shoe sizes 6 1/2+ and women’s 6+, so it will surely fit you, the device can also hold one rider with up to to 250 lbs weight, if you are in those standards, and if you’re ready to sacrifice 2 or 3 hours of practicing along with some falling, these are your new simple and cool way of transport.

Smartphone App


The Rocket Skates comes with their own Android and iOS smartphone app, and that’s good news for all of us! the app will let you customize your experience, once the device is paired via Bluetooth,  your profile info needs to be filled, (name, gender, birthday, weight and height), then, you can select your skate’s functioning mode, beginner, normal or professional, the app comes with plenty of features such as sharing your location and recording your roads on the map, you can get back anytime to see your average speed and crossed distances, you can also invite friends around the word and enjoy challenging them.

The app will also monitor and diagnostic the rocket health, you can see the battery level and check if there is something wrong with the skates, the instant diagnosis will let you know exactly about any occurring problem, well, i didn’t experience any problem since getting them.

  • Beautiful design
  • Very practical solution
  • Relatively fast and simple transport
  • Reasonable price
  • Helpful smartphone app

  • Hard to learn
  • Little heavy at first

Thinking about getting your own? The Rocket Skates R6 are available in red color on Amazon and in the rocket official website, you can get them for a lower than their new born brothers, the R8 and the R10 that are also out there.

8.6 Total Score
Excellent new way of moving!

The Rocket Skates are the best you can get for on wheels short and easy navigation

Durability and hardware
Quality Price report
Ease of use
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