An Ugly LG Watch is in the Horizon!

After a serie of successful and beautiful square and round smartwatches, LG seems to have enough of that! the company is planning for its next “Ugly” Watch! like shown in the pictures, the FCC has revealed the LG’s next smartwatch, and it looks as beefy as possible, the device is tagged LG-VC110 and it will contain a micro USB port, maybe we will also see a Verizon SIM card supporting LTE on this Watch.

Rumors suggest that the device will be aimed for sports enthusiasts, like the Garmin Watch does, this LG watch will not probably run Android Wear and it will target the low cost market with that non replaceable band and 1.77-inch display. Have something to add? leave your comments below to let us know.




  • Some_Guy40

    The cable is LG, the watch is some sort of cheap chinese junk. Clickbate article..