Android M vs iOS9: Which is the best!


Couple weeks ago, the two tech giants brought us their yearly conference events, The Google IO 2015 and the Apple WWDC 2015, every company talked about its plans for the year to come, many impressing news and products from both sides, one of the most important news is unveiling their new mobile operating systems, Android M and iOS 9, for that purpose, i’m writing this post to let you know which one is better!

The biggest mobile Operating Systems for the next year were unveiled, Android M and iOS 9, one for the one and only iPhone/iPad, versus many more manufacturers that are using Android for their devices, so when we compare the users numbers, Android is definitely number one, but iOS has also its unique users, so what are the main new features.

Battery Life

Keep in mind that Android M was not fully unveiled, Google has presented the basic new features for developers to work with, so for improving battery life, Android M is introducing Doze, a new feature that uses your device’s accelerometer to tell if you’re using it, and if you’re not, Android M will “exponentially back off background activity, trading off a little bit of app freshness for longer battery life.” Great right!

On the other side Apple is introducing a battery life management with the new low-power mode that can add an extra three hours to your device’s life, also, Apple will use the iPhone proximity sensors and ambient light to detect if your device is face down the table to keep the screen off.

Security – Apple Pay/Android Pay

Probably the most important thing, Apple has already introduced Apple Pay a long ago, and with their TouchID, Apple pay is way more secure, mobile payment is done via recognizing your fingerprints with the already existing TouchID on the latest iPhones 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. And for accessing your device, iOS9 now require 6 digit passcodes instead of 4, but you can alway use 4 if you like the old way.

For Android, security is much more improved, first by introducing Android Pay, the Google’s mobile payments API, developers will be now able to develop their contactless payment Apps using Google Wallet. Android Pay will support payments from a large number of financial partners like U.S. Bank, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Chase, Citibank, Capital One and many more. Not all, the new payment system will receive your loyalty programs and offers.

And the biggest security improvement was introducing the Google fingerprint API, now the company is making it standard, to encourage smartphones and tablets manufacturers to make their own fingerprint readers, the Google fingerprint API will be used for Android Pay, Device unlock, Play Store purchases and even signing into your Apps, now developers will be able to introduce the fingerprint API in their apps.


Not much to tell about it, Android users have been already enjoying this feature a long ago, companies like Samsung are using it in every big screen device like the Note 4, the Galaxy S6 and the tablets.

On the other hand, Apple is finally unveiling this feature on iOS9, users can now smoothly split their screens to use two Apps at the same time, so congrats Apple!

Voice Commands – Google Now vs Siri

Siri is getting improved, the voice assistant can now give you help based on time and place, it is trying to get closer to Google now by giving you suggestions based  on your habits, calendar events and more. For example, it can suggest your morning music when you’re going for a run.

Google now, the Android voice assistant is also improving by introducing Now On Tap feature, a great feature that based on what your screen is displaying, it will give you informations. So lets say your  screen is displaying a message from a friend asking you about something, when you press and hold your home screen button, Google Now will give you the answer! Also, maybe you’re displaying a song cover picture, Google will give you the song name, the singer and much more.. That freaky but interesting!

On this side of voice assistance, Siri is still far away from Google Now precision and features, so congrats Google!

Release Dates

The Apple iOS9 is now in beta version, a version that will be available in July, and for the official final one, and based on the company’s yearly habits, iOS9 might be available in September.

Android M developer version is already released since May 28, but there is no clear date for the final official version, in this case, we might still have to wait until the next Nexus phone launching.

Leave your vote

Now that you’re able to clearly see the main features, you can enter your voting below at the comment section to support your favorite mobile OS, let us know about what you think.


  • coopere

    Android M is great and all these added features will be welcomed by all, just hope OEM’s put it on all their devices. That’s one advantage Apple has. For iPhone and iPad users, they’ll be happy no matter what Apple gave them, but the new features, even though old on Android, is a huge plus for them

  • ramiraouagi

    i agree with you!

  • Antonio

    Android will be always the best!