Android Wear is coming to your Bike!

So if you find that Smartwatches are not that useful, Android Wear is spreading into your life, and now it is coming to your bike, Canyon the bike manufacturer is teaming up with Sony to make the Smart Bike Computer, a small screen that promises to make bike rides easier and more efficient.

Don’t be very excited about when and where to get it, the project is still in concept phase, but here is what you should know, the Canyon smart bike computer is a 1.6 inch screen that attach to your handlebars to bring you informations from your smartphones via Bluetooth, so you will be safer without using your phone, the device will also run useful Android Wear apps like Google maps, Strava and some popular cycling apps. The new concept will be provided with 4GB of internal storage, 8 hours of battery life and a built in GPS to track your road.

So while waiting for this concept to come true, you can watch the video above and check the €200 future priced product.

  • Andrius Maslekovas

    Sounds like a dream come true. I’m totally in.