Android Wear Smartwatches Features That the Apple Watch Doesn’t Have

The smartwatches battle is in its higher level right now, and that’s after unveiling the Apple watch, the latter gained many more sales than Android wear smartwatches in just a week, but does it really beat it in term of functionalities ans performance, the Apple watch have certainly great innovative features and design, but in this post, i will show you 5 things the Android wear smartwatches can do that the Apple watch can’t.



Custom Watch Faces


The Apple Watch only has 11 watch faces to choose from, the company does not allow any third party apps that comes with new watch faces design, on the other hand, Google allow anyone in the world to develop and sell his own custom watch faces Android Wear smartwatches.



Wrist Gesture Controls


Sometimes when your other hand is busy cooking or containing some dirt, you can keep navigating on your smartwatch using just your wrist, wrist gesture control is a new feature that came with Android 5.1.1 to let you navigate through you Google now cards or scroll your notifications instead of taping or swiping.



Works over any Wi-Fi network


I know, Apple Watch also works on WiFi, but not in the same way as Android smartwatches, when your iPhone is out of Bluetooth range, the Apple watch will continue to give you notifications, but both devices should be connected on the same WiFi network, when coming to Android wear smartwatches, you can even leave your phone home and still get notifications when your smartwatch is on another far away network. Great step to get independent from your Android phone, but not totally yet.



Hand-drawn emoji


On the new Android Wear version, 5.1.1, users can manually and easily draw emojis with their fingers, the software then convert them to proper emoticons, this feature in not on the Apple watch, and it is really useful to make quick replies.



Pattern lock screen


It is for Android smartphones fans, in the Apple watch, you need to set a passcode to access your device, on the Android wear smartwatch, you can use a simple pattern and make your locking shape, both methods are anyway great 😉

If you have something to add, feel free to tell us about it on the comment section below, also you can check more comparison between the rivals here.

  • Marta Martino

    We are very excited about our new watchfaces in

    You can find some carefully designed watch face for Android wear. The first one was Eixample, inspired by this stunning quarter of Barcelona, and now we have some others also great. We are very proud of all of them and we would be happy to know your opinion.