Android Wear VS Apple Watch – Apple beats Android Wear Sales in Just a Weekend !


Pre-ordering the Apple watch was launched this weekend, and according to stats, the ordered number was unbelievable, on just Friday, the number of ordered Apple Watches has reached near 1 million units ! the exact number around 957,000, which make the Android Wear vs Apple Watch war hotter than ever.

So lets get back to 2014, according to older statistic released by Canalys, the total number of the shipped Android Wear devices in 2014 was about 720,000 smartwatches, and that’s combining all manufacturers (Samsung, LG,..).

So by these impressive results based on the pre-ordered units, Apple will make the history of beating all the 2014 Android Wear smartwatch’s sales in just one weekend ! More informations that may interest you: from all the pre-ordered Apple Watches, 500,000 units were an Apple Watch Sport, say about 55%.

This is just the beginning, what do you think will happen in this year, will Android wear smartwatches make the revolution ? And will the Google New strategy do the work ? leave a comment below and tell us about it !