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Android Wear vs Tizen OS – Which is the best for you

If you are still looking for the perfect smartwatch, then you are probably confused about what to choose, Android Wear devices are dominating the market, and manufacturers are bringing very beautiful devices, but then, the Samsung Gear S2 showed up with great features and design, and now you are confused about what to choose, well, we are here to help you make a decision.

Available Choices

When is comes to Android Wear, this platform it the richest in term of choice variety, many beautiful smartwatches are running on this platform, we can mention LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360 Second gen, the Beautiful Huawei Watch and many more, but for Tizen, you can only find the Samsung Smartwatches, The Gear S, The Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo and of course the most recent and attractive Gear S2, so in this case you have to go with the design, the Samsung Gear S2 stand out from the competition when it comes to navigation, the rotating bezel is just a magic! the device also have a great display and a perfect size that matches men as well as women.. well the Moto 360 2nd gen also comes with two sizes.


Leaving the software apart, the Gear S2 design can beat the recently unveiled Android Wear devices, but you need to take a look at the software too, so here is the next part.

Smartphone compatibility

Of course Android Wear smartwatches works flawlessly with Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.3 or later, but the recent update from Google makes them also work with iOS devices, but in a limited way, third party apps are not supported on iOS, so you better use your smartwatch with Android devices. For the Gear S2 that runs the Tizen OS, the device is compatible with all Samsung devices, and most of the Android devices too, but several limitations are there, your smartphone should be running Android 4.4 ot later, and it should have a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM, and for iOS users, Samsung announced that the Gear S2 will be soon compatible with the Apple OS.

Android Wear vs Tizen OS – Features and Apps


Lets talk about the OS itself, Android Wear is the pure Google solution for your, when it comes to the services like Google Now, taking notes, using voice commands, Gmail and Hangout, Android Wear is definitely the best, the OS is trying its best to make it easier communicating with your watch, on the other hand, Tizen lack of those Google services, but it easily beats Android Wear in term simplicity, The Tizen OS UI is more clean and simple to use, and when integrated with the rotating bezel, you get an awesome experience. but there is something that you should worry about, Apps.

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The lack of available apps on Tizen can be concerning, it is true that you can use HERE maps instead of Google maps, S Health instead of Google Fit, but you will always remark the lack of apps on Tizen despite there are more than 1000 app on the store, this OS is also slowly growing by introducing new apps like Uber, Evernote, Twitter, eBay and more, but the Google Play store for wearable is way more richer, and almost every app on your Android Smartphone can bring you notifications on your Android wear device.

Samsung Tizen is better when it comes to some smart home control and car features, but Android Wear is better when it comes to customizing your watch face and downloading different entertaining apps like playing games with your wrist.

The Verdict

So lets conclude, if you’re more into Google services on your wrist like Google maps, Hangout, Google fit and more, and if you want more variety of watch faces and games, you should go with Android Wear, but if you want a robust and beautiful device, coming with enough features to track you health, bring you notifications and impress you with software simplicity, you should go with the Gear S2, but you have to be patient for more apps integration.

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Android Wear vs Tizen OS – Which is the best for you