Apple’s WatchOS 2 update: Native Apps and more Features


When the Apple Watch first came out, it was running third party sluggish apps that were beamed from the iPhone, wish did not gave much freedom for developers to do what they want with the watch functionalities.

Now that Tim Cook has unveiled the Apple’s WatchOS 2 update, developers will have a full access to the device sensors thanks to a new WatchKit SDK, Michael Facemire, an analyst at Forrester Research said “The biggest thing this update does is it turns the watch into its own platform, as opposed to being just an extension of the phone, which is ultimately what the watch has been up until now”. Anyway the Apple Watch will not be used as a stand-alone device, but it will surely feature much more interesting Apps.

Beside of the native SDK, something was previously missed, watch faces, so with this update, a great number of watch faces will come letting you enjoy new looks, you will also be able to set your own photo as a watch face background. Also, replying to your emails will be possible directly from the Watch.

The digital crown will also now allow you to fast-forward your calendar to see upcoming events, and if you’re waking up in the morning using your Watch, the crown will be your snooze button. And very Soon, the Transit and Pay features will be also accessible through your wrist.

The Apple’s WatchOS 2 update will come alive later this fall, and if you’re an impatient developer, you can check the Apple’s developer portal.