Apple WatchOS 2: All you need to know

The Apple Watch OS2 is hitting user’s wrists started from September the 21st, so what are the improvements and what should you expect, you know that the Apple Watch was a very successful product, even if it didn’t had that great performance, the device was not able to operate as a standalone device, it has always needed the iPhone, but what’s new now, the Watch will feel like a new device specially with the new design updates.

Native Apps


The most important feature and improvement is the native Watch apps, as you may know, the first version of the OS only support iOS iPhone apps that had and extension for the Watch, well that was not practical, it was like carrying a small iPhone on your wrist, now, native Watch apps are finally supported. So this is a good news for developers, which will make their own third party apps, and guess what, now you will have full access to the device sensors such as heart rate monitor, mic, speaker, accelerometer and more when developing.

Amont new third party apps, we can list Facebook Messenger, now you can read and reply to messages directly from the Watch, and with the Watch mic access, now you can use iTranslate to translate over 90 languages..

Nightstand mode


This might be useful to some of you, when charging your Apple Watch at night, you may still want to see the time along with some informations while you’re in bed, that’s why the Watch OS2 come with a nightstand mode, which means that you can see the time and use the crown as a snooze button when the device is laid down in landscape mode.

Maps gets Transit

When it comes to maps, Google is the leader, Apple is delivering a very poor service using maps in conjunction with Citymapper, the company is trying to make it out by adding public transport routes and directions to the app, but don’t get too excited if you live in a small city, Apple is bringing this feature only to some of the big cities such as New York City, London, Berlin, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Mexico City and about 300 cities in China, So lets hope it will be useful.

Watch Faces


The Apple Watch faces were in a limite number, giving you no choice but to use the Mikey Mouse one, which i think it is not that beautiful! but now you can use a photo or an album photo as your Apple Watch face, every time you raise your wrist, you’ll see a new watch face appearing, well that’s kind of cool.

Apple Pay

When it comes to paying, your personal data are the most important things, that’s why Apple has added a new security feature called Activation Lock, this feature will let you add your Apple ID as a security lock to prevent thieves from getting into your Watch. Also, Apple Pay is now coming to the UK.

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Workout Tracking Improvment

The Apple’s Activity app was not that great in managing your data, that’s why Strava is now supported to contribute in managing your activities and give you more accurate and useful data. Another useful thing is that you can now use Siri to launch your activity tracking, you’re maybe cycling and you have not the ability to use your hands, so just talk it!

Easier Chatting


Chatting using a smartwatch is not that practical, and it is still far away from being easy even with this update, but anyway, you can now reply to emails using canned responses or smart replies, you can also use emojis like with Android Wear, or also use your voice with Siri.
These were the main improvements and updates for the Apple Watch OS2, so if you have something to add, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!