Apple’s WWDC 2015: Highlights of What to Expect


Counting down for the Apple’s yearly WorldWide Developers Conference keynote, and after few hours, the company will rain us with their plans for the next year, so here are some short highlights of what to expect.



Of course, a new version for every year is announced at the WWDC to upgrade your iPhones and iPads devices, reports are supposing a similar upgrade to the OS X Snow Leopard that was suggested to refine the experience of OS X Leopard. Along with some user experience updates, iOS9 will be landing soon.

Home App

Reports suggest that Apple is planning ‘Home’, a new app that will let you manage your HomeKit-enabled devices and setting up HomeKit and HomeKit accessories.

Transit Directions

According to some infos, Apple Maps is going to get Transit directions, an option that exist on Google maps for a long ago, so lets hope for a good performance and very useful integration with the Apple Watch!

OS X 10.11

The next Apple OS update is surely coming at this occassion, and according to rumors, it will be basically a stability update, in addition of a new Control Center panel that will allow quick access to some existing features, so, more info will be coming.

Apple Watch SDK


Of course, the new Apple baby should be the center of the talk, and according to confirmed informations from Jeff Williams, the Apple SVP of operations, a native Apple Watch developer tool will offer developers the ability to create apps that will directly run on the Watch, instead of the existing situation that should use the iPhone apps. And wi will maybe see some demo new apps.

iTunes Streaming Music


Apple has been working on a music streaming service that will compete with spotify, the new iTune service will have a subscription price of around $10 monthly, so until the Keynote starts, the service could be the next big thing in online music delivery.

Apple TV

A new Apple TV is not coming soon, it is still inder work, and the hardware is not yet ready, but we might hear some news about it.