ArcaBoard is a Hoverboard that costs $20K!

Hoverboards are slowly becoming a mainstream thing, this technology looks interesting, you know, the ability to fly using your personal gadget is a dream coming true, Lexus has presented its hoverboard concept and it was amazing, and now, it is the turn of ArcaBoard created by Arca Space Corporation to show off.

This device is packed with 36 high powered electric fans and a stabilization unit to keep it flying in a good balance, ArcaBoard can host riders weighing up to 243 pounds, and depending on the weight, you can get more or less riding time, if you need to recharge it, there is a separate charging unit that can juice it up in 35 minutes.

Thinking about getting this experimental version, well hold your breaths, the ArcaBoard will cost you a whole $19.900 to get it, but for me, i will prefer getting a Tesla instead of it! Enjoy the video below.