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Are Smart Rings the next big thing ?

Smartwatches are beginning to get the intention they deserve, people are starting to like and buy them, and choices are diversifying every week, but is it really time for wearables with smaller sizes, will they convince us? Smart rings are being launched with big numbers, hoping to get your interest. So here is a top list of the most important announcements.

Kerv NFC smart ring


This elegant ring was recently launched on kickstarter, Kerv is equipped with NFC and only NFC, so don’t expect it to vibrate or to bring you important notifications, the device is only there to make contacless payments and set you free from your cash or your credit cards, you can also use it for public transport validation or for smartlock entries.

NFC Ring 2


Last two years, it was the first version of the NFC Ring, now the device is back with a new design, the team behind NFC Ring 2 has partnered with fashion goliath House of Holland to make the device looks more like a normal ring and less like wearable tech, like its name suggest, the device is equipped with NFC to let you interact with other smart accessories like unlocking your smartphone and controlling other smart devices. Compared to the older model, the Ring 2 comes with a three time stronger antenna to triple the communication range, the device is now live on kicktarter on you can get it for $23.



The Vring smart ring is a newly unveiled device that act like a voice controller, the Vring pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth allowing you to control it, you can search Google from the ring, you can also open apps and launch your music player, or maybe send text messages, well, we don’t know if that will be accurate, or if you even need it.

The company behind the Vring claims that this is the first wearable to focus on voice-control. Vring has a square big shape, so it depends on your taste to pick it or not, anyway, it is on kickstarter and you can pledge it for $109, we know, that’s too much.

The Apple Ring


We have recently covered the new filed patent by Apple, the company seems to be ready for entering the smart rings competition, according to the patent, the new ring from Apple should include a computer processor, a wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source, the device will be also provided with a touchscreen as an input, no more details are available, but this is going to turn into something alive soon!

What do you think of smart rings, should they be useful? tell us in the comment section below.