Aria Will Add Gesture Control To Your Smartwatch


Your Android smartawatch will sort of set you free from your smartphone, but this add-on from Aria will even set you free from your Android wear or Pebble smartawatches!

Using your smartwatch with filthy hands or when having busy hands is sometimes annoying, you may want to browse your notifications and apps while eating with your other hand… Clip-on will make it possible. Clip-on is a small add-on that goes under both your android wear or Pebble smartawatch to add gesture control capabilities to your device, this small accessory can replace any feature you was able to access using your usual touchscreen, from browsing notifications or Apps to dialing numbers.

The Aria device comes with a companion App to let you configure your wanted gesture, Possible gestures will be basically closing, opening your hand, tapping and  flicking your fingers.. and maybe more.

The new add-on uses your smartwatch Low Energy Bluetooth to interact with it and no battery, the accessory will be launched soon in a kickstarter campaign in two versions, one for Pebble Time and one for Android Wear smartawatches, and it will respectively cost you $69 and $169 in pledging according to TechCrunch.