Athena wearable wants to save your life

A new one of a kind wearable is unveiled, it is not focusing on entertaining or tracking your steps and fitness, the Athena only wants to save women’s life, and why not men’s too! After scary stats showing  that one women is attacked every two minutes in the USA, Roar, the company behind the device wanted to act by launching Athena.

Athena is a wearable pendent for women (but we think men can get advantage of it too) that can be worn as a necklace or clipped to anything like the Jawbone UP does, the device contain a button that once pushed and hold for three seconds, a very loud alarm sound similar to a 85 db freight train is released, a Road spoken person said: “an unanticipated loud noise can serve as an effective deterrent in certain circumstances.” In addition of making that loud sound to attract attention, the device will automatically call a friend or a family member and send him your exact location on the map, thanks to a companion app, you can pre-select the person you want to call so he can rescue you or call 911 with your right location.


The team behind Athena is working to improve the app and the device by letting that push of button directly call 911, they are also working to make the alarm sound even more intense, the device was launched on an indiegogo campaign about two weeks ago, and it is already surpassing the aimed goal, you can also get yours by pledging it for $75.