This Augmented reality keyboard will let you type on your arms!

NEC, the Japanese multinational provider of information technology services and products has unveiled a new project that could change the way you interact with the things around you, ARmKeypad is the new device that will allow workers to project a keyboard on their arms as an input method.

The device use a Google Glass like eyewear to interact with the user’s smartwatch, ARmKeypad combines both Augmented Reality and smartwatch capabilities to project a virtual keyboard on the user’s arm, the virtual buttons can be then pressed as inputs to do the wanted actions. This project is being developed by NEC and aimed for factory workers for more safety and productivity, according to Japan Motherboard, Shin Norieda, a researcher in the user interface department at NEC said: “I wanted to make a keyboard of the body so I created this device for people who work in maintenance or factory jobs.”

ARmKeypad is a crazy idea that comes with other already existing ideas like the Samsung one, but this device might be the first one to see the light, the device is planned to reach the industry in 2016, after that, we as normal users might be able to use it for new ways of interaction with the world around us.