AUPALLA 21BP Fitness Tracker Review – Best Budget Fitness Band ?

So i have been looking for budget fitness tracker that can deliver me plenty of features, and i think the new the AUPALLA 21BP might give all, i really wanted a lot, i was hoping for heart rate monitoring, calls and smartphone notifications, water-proofness and other basic features like steps and sleep tracking, all of this for an affordable price, it felt hard to find this, but i think i found the one, for just 29$ on Amazon, this device can deliver all of this and more, but does it really worth it, so this is my review of the AUPALLA 21BP fitness tracker.



Out of the box, you will find just the AUPALLA fitness tracker, no charging cable included, but there is a reason for that, charging the device does not need a cable or even a magnetic charger, see this USB logo on the picture, you just need to remove the band from there, and simply plug it into any USB port such as your computer, charging this to the fullest took about two hours, and consuming that charge took me 4 days of continuous use, which i think is not bad.

Since it does not even include a power button, powering it ON was hard for me, but i finally found it, this display is touch sensitive at the bottom, you just need to place your finger there for about 5 seconds, then you’re powered, a small vibration will tell you that.

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the fact that the device is cable free and have a touch sensitive display was really cool, and for the design, the AUPALLA 21BP has a really nice one, i got both the black and purple models, but you can also get the blue one, you get a Fitbit like display and form factor, which is a plus for the price, the rubber band did not gave me any skin rush and device was very comfortable to wear for long time, the clip closes securely on the wrist and i did not had any issues with the device falling from my hand.

Before getting to features, i tried to see if this is really waterproof, as mentioned by the company, and yes! leaving it for sometime in a cup of water did not made any difference, so you’re safe to surf with it!

AUPALLA 21BP Features

AUPALLA fitness tracker


the display is touch sensitive at the bottom part, keep in mind that’s not all of it, but it is always good not to use physical buttons, using this touch feature, you can navigate through the display to see your data, there is the date and time on the main screen, then you will get a glimpse at you daily steps, walked distance, burned calories , and slept hours, but i did not found sleep tracking to be that accurate, the AUPALLA 21BP begin to consider me asleep when i was just laying in my bed, so this something to improve.

more into the deep features, you get can your heart rate, comparing it it the S health app gave me pretty accurate results, this data is automatically measured every 30 minutes, or manually triggered by you, after that you get the more exiting metric, which is blood pressure, that’s why this device is called the BP21, but keep in mind that this is not intended for a medical use, but you can get an idea about your health, this measurement is based on the heart rate, so i don’t really trust it a lot. but to get more accurate results, try to manually enter your BP on the app before using the wristband.

beside of that, you will also be able to change your screen display from vertical to horizontal, data will change direction if you’re not comfortable with the actual position.

AUPALLA 21BP Smart band

A full package fitness tracking with an affordable product

$29.99 $79.99

AUPALLA 21BP Fitness Tracker Review – Best Budget Fitness Band ?

A cool other feature is the find my phone one, you can actually search for your smartphone by touching the display, it will simply start ringing, the volume is not that high, you can only hear it in a calm room, not outside. and talking about your smartphone, you can actually get notifications from it like calls messages and app notifications, and the plus here is getting the caller ID and also the message preview, so you can actually read it without bringing your phone out.

  • Good design
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate metrics
  • Comfortable
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Blood Pressure

  • Inaccurate sleep tracking
  • Lack of exercise recording

The App

So in order for all this to normally work, you need to download the H Band app from the PlayStore, which is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher, and iOS 8 or higher, paring the AUPALLA 21BP is pretty easy, search for the V07 device from the H Band app, once paired, you will get your stats on a simple interface, steps, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure data, you can configure the device wake you up with gentle vibrations, or to remind you to move if you’re sitting for a long time, i was also able to remotely shoot photos using this setting, you can touch the band to take a photo when the phone i far away, that’s a cool addition.

So what’s missing here, i can mention the ability to record or to manually enter some exercises to the app, but you get the possibility to use your phone GPS to record your running routes on the app, to get more accurate distances for your running sessions.

Bottom Line

So as a conclusion, i think that the AUPALLA 21BP is a win for the price, leaving aside the mediocre sleep tracking, and the lack of exercise recording, plenty of feature are there to give you a reason to get it, until now, i’m enjoying the device, getting my daily stats with some useful phone notifications is great, and the fact that i’m forgetting about its lightweight on my wrist it convenient.

So if you’re on a budget, but want “almost the full” package, this is definitely for you!

7.8 Total Score
Cannot ask for more for this price!

AUPALLA 21BP Fitness Tracker

Build Quality
  • Good design
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate metrics
  • Comfortable
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Blood Pressure
  • Inaccurate Sleep Tracking
  • Lack of exercise recording
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