Avegant’s Glyph Video Headset


This is not a VR headset, the Avegant’s Glyph looks like a normal headphones, but you need to wear it up side down, the device features a displaying technology called micro-mirror projection technology, and this means that the visual media will be beamed directly into your eyes, which will give you a unique experience.

The Avegant’s Glyph video headset plugs into your computer, smartphone or any other device using HDMI port, to bring you almost the sharpest image you can get, the device also can immerse in a 360 degree video and images thanks to its head tracking feature.


You might don’t like its design and look, but the Glyph could be used as regular headphones, this device is very useful and it is targeting a realistic consumer market, and many will be interested in simply watching movies and videos in the coolest possible way. The Avegant’s Glyph is also battery powered and it will cost you about $600, a little expensive but it surely deserve it.