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Baby Check, The Simplest Wearable To Monitor Your Baby


Tired of getting up at night checking for your baby’s state, maybe your little beloved is sick, maybe he’s not sleeping well in a bad uncomfortable position, well, with this recently launched kickstarter project, you will not have to worry again.

Baby Check is a new temperature and position monitoring wearable device for your baby, the wrisband will softly wrap around his little arm then connect to your Android and iOS device via a dedicated Baby Check app, so you can get continuous monitoring with zero disruption for you and your baby. With this device, you can check your children’s temperature and position while sleeping or during his activity hours, you can also set temperature thresholds and alarm so you could be notified on your smartphone, and that’s not all, the App will also allow you to monitor your baby’s medicine administration by entering his/her medicine record feedings.


The Baby Check ajustable wrisband is made with a medical-grade fabric that will ensure your child’s safety when wearing it for a long time. If you want to get your device soon, all you have to do is pledging this project with a small amount, $90 will get you a twin pack for two childrens, while $120 pledging or more will get you a triple pack, have more babies ? pledge a little more to get a bigger number, check the Kickstarter Website for more informations.