Best Android Wear Apps you can download

if you have recently got your first smartwatch, and if it happens to be an Android Wear device, then these 10 apps listed below might be a must have for you, so checkout our list!

Todoist: Best For productivity


Todoist is well know for its productivity and task management platform, it is available on Android, Windows, iOS, Watch OS, Mac OS, on Web and now it is also there for your Android wrist, the app can let you easily see and check you tasks and mark them as done with simple taps, it is free on the Google Play store.

Maps: Best for navigation

andwearmaps (2)


You might not find a better way than Android Wear to navigate on your small screen ,because simply, Google maps is there, the Tizen OS uses Nokia HERE maps, the Apple Watch OS uses its own maps app, but Android Wear is the leader in this department with Google Maps.

Google Keep: Best for taking self notes


If you’re looking to take notes on the go, then Google Keep is your Saviour, the app is designed in a colorful way and it is mainly dedicated to make quick notes like shopping or setting reminders, the big advantage in this app is that you can take voice notes and reminders by just saying “take a note” to your wrist.

Shazam: Best for music!


If you are always looking for new good music, and if you are like me, the kind of person that does not want to miss a song’s name when listening to it in a public space or on the radio, then Shazam is your app. the app is available on Android and iOS, but it is more easy to use when downloaded on your smartwatch, just tap on your display and get the song informations.

IF by IFTTT: Best for automating your tasks


If you’re not familiar with it on Android, this app worth giving it a try, the IF by IFTTT allows you to create automated tasks based on your configuration, you can automate your smart home accessories or your email threads, you can really do unlimited combinations with this app.

SofaScore Live Scores: Best for sport fans


If you follow certain types of sports, and you want to be updated with live score, then SofaScore is what you’re looking for, the Android Wear app can bring scores of 17 sports types including football, basketball and tennis.

Wear Audio Recorder: Best for recording important speeches


Maybe you are in an important meeting or class, or maybe you don’t want to miss your teacher’s speech, Wear Audio Recorder is an Android Wear app that rely on material design to give you a beautiful recording experience, the app also allows you to record with an OFF screen, you know, if you’re spying on someone! the app sync to both Google Drive and Dropbox in order to store your audio.

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Tweechip! Best for Twitter addicts


If you are a heavy Twitter user, the Tweechip app will keep you updated with your timeline info, you can check new tweets, retweet your favorite ones and mark them as favorite.

InstaWeather: Best for bringing weather informations


If you want to have a glance of the weather on your wrist, InstaWeather bring you customization to your watch face so you can get weather informations in one screen, the app shows temperature, wind speed, radar maps, hourly forecasts and more, you can also purchase the pro version and get more watch faces and weather informations.

Endomondo: Best fitness platform



We know that this is not the ultimate sport platform out there, there is the Fitbit app, the jawbone app on Android and more, but those ones need a separate fitness tracker to bring more accurate results, that’s why Endomondo is the perfect standalone app for your smartwatch, and if you are lucky enough to have a GPS on your smartwatch, the app will let you leave your phone at home while running for long distances.

Hope you enjoyed the list, you can add your favorite apps in the comment section below.

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