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Best Sport GPS Watch 2016 – Top 5 List

We have already made a list about the best fitness trackers you can get for this year, but those choices were for normal users that want to track their health and habits, but if you are a big working out fan that need the full data package, this post is for you, we are listing a top 5 of the best GPS sport watches you can get this year, so lets begin.

5- Samsung Gear Fit 2

gear fit 2

Number 5 on this list is the newly unveiled Samsung Gear Fit 2, this device came as a big upgrade from the older Gear Fit, with a more ergonomic curved design and new features, now the device packs a GPS to give you a full running experience along with the heart rate monitor, of course you get the usual steps, burned calories and sleep tracking, but now you will also enjoy some rest since the device can automatically detect the exercise you’re doing.

The 4 GB of internal storage gives you the fun of putting your workout music without the need to carry your smartphone with you, and while talking about smartphones, this device will work with the S Health app to give you the data you need, you will also receive notifications on the watch like calls and messages and social media apps. and lets say that battery life is average with an up to 3 days on a single charge, but if you always use GPS, this number should go down.

The goodies here are the accurate tracking, the huge number of activities it can track, the big clear display and the smooth software, but the bad is that there is no iOS compatibility, and the battery life could be better.

  • accurate tracking
  • number of activities it can track
  • big clear display
  • smooth software

  • no iOS compatibility
  • battery life could be better

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4- Garmin Forerunner 235


and now with number 4, it is the Garmin Forerunner 235 In case you get confused with the many names and numbers by Garmin, the company has released two similar devices, the 230 and the 235, and we are picking the 235 for this list, the main difference between them is that the latest model is equipped with a wrist based heart rate monitor, while the 230 needs a separate chest strap to track this metric.

The Garmin 235 gives you in depth data about your fitness, beside the usual steps, calories and sleep tracking, the device can give you data about your pace and your performance in the workout sessions, it will also measure your VO2 max, wich is the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise.

beside of exercising, Garmin 235 will bring you smartphone notifications like texts, calls and social media alerts, the device is paired to the Garmin Connect app to bring you these data along with various training plans that you can download.

The good things here are the great battery life of 6 days, the good round look and the rich tracking, but the bads are the slightly inaccurate HRM.

For this same midrange choice, and this same number on the list, you may also want to check the Garmin Vivoactive HR since it support extra sport profiles like swimming, golf and Snow sports, the other difference is the rectangular shape in case you prefer it.

  • great battery life
  • beautiful round look
  • rich tracking metrics

  • slightly inaccurate HRM

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3- TomTom Spark Cardio + Music


Moving on to find number 3, it is the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music TomTom is also finding its way to wearable tech, specially sport watches, the device is equipped with an LCD monochrome screen, it packs a built in heart rate monitor along with a GPS chip to track your running roads, the Tomtom Spark can track a variety of exercises like cycling, swimming, treadmill, gym workouts and more, and that’s beside tracking your daily usual activities. You can press the devices buttons to navigate your stats or see them on the mobile app.

And like you saw from the name, this sport watch can host your music so you can pick up your bluetooth headset and listen to it while working out, so no need to bring your phone with you.

The good things here are the accurate HRM, the variety of training you can track, and the ability to pair to third party apps like RunKeeper and Strava, but the negative thing is the Hardly high fashion design and the only black and white display! and if you want to stick with Tomtom but for a lower price, the TomTom Runner Cardio is a must see for that!

  • accurate HRM
  • variety of trainings
  • ability to pair to third party apps

  • Hardly high fashion design

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2- Garmin Forerunner 630

garmin 630

We’re close to the end with number 2, which goes to the Garmin Forerunner 630, this device is like the forerunner flagship, it come with a similar round shape, but with a refined design along with plenty of features for athletes, the Garmin 630 is equipped with a touch screen display and sadly no Heart rate monitor, for this metric, you need to pair its chest HRM, but you will enjoy the very rich metrics.

This sport GPS watch can give you physiological measurements like stress score, performance condition, lactate threshold, recovery time and more.. the running dynamics will also let you know about your stride length, ground contact time, vertical ratio and more information.. there is a wide types of activities you can track, and the waterproof body will allow you to take it swimming with you for a 50 meter depth. if this device shock you with its price, you can always take a look at the previous but the very good model, the Forerunner 620.

Beside of activities, you will get smartphone notifications like emails, text messages, and calendar alerts. So the good things here are the solid battery life, the accurate GPS tracking and smooth notifications, but the bad is the lack of wrist based HRM.

  • accurate GPS
  • solid battery life
  • smooth notifications

  • lack of wrist based HRM

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1- Garmin Forerunner 735XT / Garmin Fenix 3 HR


And now we are down to Number one on this list, and i had to both give it the Garmin Forerunner 735XT and the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, the 735XT is the best choice for Triathletes, which means if you do multiple sports at the same time like cycling swimming then running, this is the one to go for, the device is equipped with a HRM and it is up to 100 meter waterproof. you will also get smartphone notifications and a flow of data if you connect to the Garmin Connect App.

But wait a second, Garmin Fenix 3 HR could be also number one, and that’s because it has more outdoor training plans, and also comes with interchangeable bands so you can customize the device, so if you had to choose between them, go for the 735XT if you are a Triathlete that wants a lighter and sleeker device, but Go for the Fenix 3 HR if you’re more into customizing the watch and getting more outdoor features, but get ready for the amount of money you have to pay!

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If you have something to add to this list, please feel free to share it with me! You can check the video version of this post below!