Best Wireless Earbuds 2016 – Top 5 List

Hi Everyone, i have already made a post about best wireless headphones you can get, but some of you prefer just ear-buds, maybe they are more convenient for sport or for their lightweight and portability, that’s why i’m listing top 5 of the best wireless ear-buds you can get for this year.


Jaybird X2


here you can find the JayBird X2, After the JayBird X, the X2 came earlier this year to bring some upgrades in sound and comfort, inside the package you will find some multi sized ear tips, and a cool carrying case, along with the micro USB charging cable, and speaking about charging, the X2 can last for 8 hours on a single charge. JayBird are very confident about their product so they are giving you a life time warranty on damages caused by sweat, the device is sweat resistant, which makes them great for the gym.

the X2 feature a premium sound and a warm bass, making it suitable of every music type, the device is also suitable for making calls thanks to the available volume and control buttons.

The things to like here are the comfortable design, the strong battery life and the good balanced sound for every music type, but the thing to hate is the little high price.

  • comfortable design
  • strong battery life
  • good balanced sound

  • little high price


JABRA Sport Coach


The next on the list is JABRA SPORT COACH, and from its name, you can tell that this is a coach, well, that’s true, these earbuds from Jabra stands out with their coaching feature, the device integrates with the Jabra sport life app and use the built in Track Fit motion sensor to track your steps, pace, cadence and burned calories, you can also use the app for plenty of workout programs and exercises, unfortunately, you cannot measure your heart rate with these, but you might want to consider the Jabra Sport Pulse for that feature.

This earbud is IP55 certified, which makes it resistant to water splashes and some dust, that’s why you can workout with it on a rainy day, the great plus here is that these small ear-buds almost never fall from your ears while working out, they stay there when making push ups and some jumping jacks..

  • secure fit
  • the waterproofness
  • the good sound

  • average battery life


Plantronics BackBeat Fit


Here we find the Plantronics BackBeat Fit, these guys standout with the unique solid and durable design, despite they’re a little old, but the BackBeat Fit holds up until 2016 with a Crystal clear sound and a long lasting battery life of 8 hours. their design makes them great for exercising since they wrap around your ears in a comfortable way, which makes them very secure in hard training sessions.

The Plantronics controls buttons sits directly on the ears, something that you might like, or not, you will need to press your ears to control the music, the volume and the voice calls, beside of that, these earbuds don’t come with a full noise cancellation, you will still hear the world around you, something that i like to have so i don’t get hit by a car while walking or running outside!

  • great sound
  • solid battery life
  • comfortable the design

  • limited volume and bass


Jaybird Freedom


Number 2 on this this list is the JayBird Freedom, it is labelled this way because its smaller and lighter size will give you a sense of freedom, but you will sacrifice few things for the size, now the battery life is shorter with 4 hours on a single charge, but you get an additional charging cradle that will add an extra 4 hours, this cradle can be used while listening to your music, since the Freedom battery is now moved to the control buttons side.

The JayBird Freedom comes with its own Android and iOS app called the JayBird my sound app, from which you can pair the device and change the sound signature with pre-programmed pre sets, you can also customize the sound by for example adding some extra bass. and talking about bass, these pair of ear-buds sounds great despite the smaller drivers inside.

On the design side, the Freedom comes with plenty of eartips so you can wear it the way you like.

  • good design
  • lightweight
  • good sound

  • short battery life
  • high price


JLab Audio Epic 2


And the king of this list is the JLab Audio Epic 2 earbud, its design makes it very special since it securely wrap around the ears without a noticeable bulk, the sound quality is amazing with deep bass and clear crisp vocals. the battery life is one of the strongest points with an up to 12 hours on a single charge, leaving behind almost all of the wireless ear-buds.

The added ceramic Bluetooth antenna has improved the connectivity, so don’t expect a signal drop from these guys. you can also take them out on a rainy day thanks to their waterproofness.

  • strong battery life,
  • comfortable use
  • great crispy sound

  • average noise cancelling

So these were top 5 of the best earbuds you can get for this year, i will leave a link for them in the description below, hope you enjoyed this video,leave a thumbs up if you did ,
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