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BioRing might be the first wearable to truly monitor your nutrition!

Many wearable wristbands like Fitbit and Jawbone gives you some information about your burned calories, but you always have to manually input the food you’re eating everytime, BioRing is a being developed smart ring that claim to have extra sensor that will give you more in depth data about your nutrition without the need to log them yourself!

That sounds great, beside of the ability to track your steps, distances and sleep, the BioRing should be able to give you data about your calories  intake instead of burned calories, and that’s using a new sensor, called the bio-impedance sensor, this latter is able to can measure fluid changes  in your cells, including glucose levels and water intake, and using other data coming from the heart rate sensor and the 3-axis accelerometer,  a strong algorithm can give you strong metrics about your nutrition state, all these data will be synced to your Android or iOS smartphone using Bluetooth.

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This all sounds good, but these are all claims from the company, we still have to wait for this ring to come out so we can judge its performance,  the BioRing is a waterproof device that can bring you smartphone notifications via vibrations, for more details about it, you can check the Indiegogo campaign.