Bluboo Xwatch Claims to be the first Android Wear sport Watch

Bluboo is the Chinese company that made the Xfire and the X4 Android smartphones, you might don’t know it, but you can classify them as midrange devices, the company now wants to move to the smartwatches industry, by introducing the Bluboo Xwatch Android Wear, but this is what the company claims.

Bluboo wants to use Android Wear as its watch platform, but guess what, the company has applied for an Android Wear license, hoping that Google will accept, we are not sure if the giant will do it. Google is being very protective about its Android Wear platform, the company has already rejected many applicants, so Bluboo cross you fingers.

The Xwatch maker seems to be very confident about the device, the company has even trolled Motorola by saying: “We know that Moto 360 2nd generation has a sports style shape but has no any difference with other android wear smartwatch.” that’s why the company claims that it will be the first Android Wear sport smartwatch, well, we don’t what they will add beside the GPS feature to make it more sporty. Anyway, lets wait for Google to approve, then for Bluboo to say their last word.