Blue Freedom, The Smallest Portable Hydro-power Plant

Imagine producing your own electrical energy wherever you are, maybe you’re surfing or having a little trip in a little boat, and suddenly, you urgently need some phone battery juice, or maybe you’re just camping beside the river.. With this new Kickstarter project, you will be encouraged and able to use nature friendly resources to produce your own energy, the Blue Freedom.

What is it and How it works

The Blue Freedom is the world’s smallest and lightest hydro-electric power plant, the device is composed from two pieces, a small blue mini turbine and a high-performance, rechargeable battery, the device is ultra compact so you can toss it in your backpack or bag. Once you’re next to any source of water, sea, river.. you just need to throw the mini turbine into the water, the battery pack will get recharged, then you can plug any USB powered device to get charged.


The battery pack also store the energy in case you need a power reserve, and one hour of turbine rotation will be equal to 10 hours of smartphone use time. This project will open doors to countries that already lack electricity, to make them produce their own energy in order to satisfy their simplest needs like the light.


The project has amazingly raised more than the expected amount, the pledging options are really great, so if you want to get the Blue Freedom with a low price, checkout the project on kickstarter.