Blue Link, The Hyundai Android Wear App To Control You Car


Great news for Hyundai car owners ! the company has just released “Blue Link“, an Android wear App that you can install on any Android smartwatch, an the App will be used to remotely control your car, it is the dream coming true ! Blue Link will allow you to lock and unlock your car’s door, and start and stop the engine, also, if you can’t find your Hyundai car, you can locate it using the App. And what if you have lost it in the parking place, well, Blue Link allow you to remotely enable the car’s horn and flash lights. All those cool features can be also launched by your voice command.


The Blue Link App is compatible even with the 2012 Hyundai car models, and until now, it is available for Android, the company claim that it will be an Apple Watch App soon. You may want to switch to a Hyundai car !