Boldr Voyage Smartwatch, looks more like a classic time piece

The problem with smartwatches is basically their design, until now, we cannot wear such a device and feel comfortable about how it looks, but companies are making better designs over the time, and this time there is another piece, the Boldr Voyage Smartwatch.

The Boldr Voyage Smartwatch might be the one with the classiest look, a device that you will not mind to wear on your date, but don’t expect that much with smart functionalities, the device is equipped with a pedometer to track your steps and fitness goals, data are synced and displayed on a dedicated smartphone App via Bluetooth 4.0, and for notifications, the Boldr Voyage can show them to you using LEDs or vibrations, just to tell you that something is happening on your phone, so you’ll have to bring out and check everything, so no touch screen is there! But you’ll enjoy this feature, the side button will act like a remote camera shutter if you want to take pictures remotely from your phone.

The device is made with marine grade stainless steel and comes with several stitched leather bands, it is up to 98 feet water resistant and comes with two replaceable batteries, one is for the smart features and it will lasts up to 6 months, and the second one can last for three whole years, and it is dedicated for the Quartz watch. The Boldr Voyage Smartwatch will be launched on a kickstarter compaign very soon for a price of about $129. Check the photo gallery below and tell us what do you think!

Photo Gallery
Enjoy the Boldr Voyage Smartwatch photos below


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