Bracelite is an e-paper jewelery for you and your Apple Watch

There are plenty of smartwatch and fitness tracker’s accessories to make them look and feel like jewelery, but this new wristband accessory is one of its kind, tagged Bracelite, this device aims to be both your personalized bracelet and personalized Apple Watch strap.

Bracelite is an e-paper band that can be worn as a bracelet or attached to your Apple Watch as a personalized band, the device can fit any Watch size, it comes with an Android and an iOS app so you can customize its look, design patterns and colors depending on what you’re wearing, the band feature 4.9-inch curved, e-paper display with a 720 X 120 pixel resolution and a two weeks battery life, when the battery is out of charge, the band will keep displaying the last chosen design, Sony has also made its own e-paper smartwatch.


But what if you’re wearing a unique dress that you can’t find its colors and shapes in the app, well guess what, you can even take o photo of your dress, upload it to the app and chose it as your Bracelite’s design and color! interesting right, well if you want to get yours, the device is live on kickstarter and waiting for your pledges, it is expected to ship in April 2016 and it will cost $250 as an early bird.