BrainPort Will Help the Blinds Seeing Through their Tongues!


It is Called the BrainPort, a new device finally approved by the the U.S is promising to help the completely blind people to see objects using their tongues, but how is that even possible?!

According to the Bloomberg, the BrainPort V100 is a three parts device, is it composed of a camera mounted on a sunglasses, a hand controller and a 1 inch square sensor that goes to the tongue, the camera will capture images from the world around then send them to the hand controller, the latter will send them in form of signals to the little square. The 1 inch square device will go on the blind tongue to electrically simulate it, the user will then be able to interpret these signals to know what are the objects around him.

So it is all about practicing, it sounds non realistic, but Robert Beckman, the chief executive officer of closely held Wicab Inc said: “People are able to learn to interpret these patterns of bubbles or stimulation on their tongue to know what object is in front of them, We don’t want to create false hopes, They need to learn the technology and practice with it. It’s more akin to learning a new language than it is to ordinary perception.

Using the BrainPort device will help blinds “walk around an oval track, staying within the white lines without
assistance. With additional training, they can navigate hallways, read short words such as EXIT, tell the difference between a ball and a banana, and eventually play darts“. Beckman said.

A very promising device that will cost about $10,000, pretty expensive, but very useful, so lets wait for the near future.