Buddy, a Smart Collar to track your Dog’s Activities


We will not be the only species to wear fitness trackers or a smartwatches, now it is the turn of your dog to enjoy good health and activity tracking systems, Buddy is the name of your dog’s next smart collar, a device launched on kickstarter that promises tracking your pet’s activities and a lot more.

Buddy is a LED dog collar equipped with sensors and connectivity modules, the device includes a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS tracking system to follow your dog wherever he goes, and with the geofence feature, you will be certain your pet is in a safe place, the feature will allow you to set a limited or a specific area in which your dog will be playing, and if he goes off that area, a smartphone notification will be received on the dedicated Android and iOS app.


The companion App comes with plenty of features, the Visual FX will let you change the collar LED colors and play with them, also, the collar is equipped with a light sensor to automatically change the colors brightness. the 3 axis accelerometer on the device will also make it act as a fitness tracking gadget, allowing you to see your dog’s distances walked, calories burned and slept hours in the App, you can also log and scan his food just like you do with your Jawbone or Fitbit device.

That’s not all! the Wi-Fi connectivity is very useful, allowing you to see what your dog is doing when you’re not home through your smartphone, the Wi-Fi is also used to recharge the collar battery using a Wi-Fi charging dock, a battery that’s supposed to last up to two weeks on a single charge. Also, the packed temperature sensor will give a real time temperature of your dog, and guess what, if he is too hot or cold, the Buddy collar will communicate with your smart home devices and thermostats like NEST to automatically change the house temperature.

Really plenty of features in the Buddy collar, the device is now raising funds on kickstarter, so if your dog needs more attention and security, you can pre-order it at a price of about $180.