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castAR, The Augmented Reality Headset Capabilities

CastAR headset, the pair of projected augmented reality glasses was launched thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the device is note a VR headset, it projects 3D pictures and videos in front of the users eyes unsimilar to what the Oculus Rift do, and in order to more understanding of its functionalities, you just need to check the video.

The castAR headset features a built-in projectors, a camera and a retro reflective surface embedded with infrared LEDs, the camera uses the infrared LEDs to track your head movements, while the projectors cast a three dimensional image onto the surface you use, you can use it to play interactive video games or to navigate in a new way through the web or to learn new skills. For further informations from the company, you can wait for Game Developers Conference “GDC” soon.