CES 2016: Sphero’s BB-8 toy will get a gesture controlling treat

You might know Sphero from the last year, the smartphone app that can control the BB-8 little robot toy to move and spin in different directions, the device was popular when it came to the kids interest and also star wars fans! and now, BB-8 will be controlled by your hand gestures!

A wearable smartwatch-like prototype is developed by the company to introduce a new way of controlling the toy, and that’s via hand gestures, the smartwatch packs an accelerometer that can track your hand’s movements in order to apply them on the BB-8 toy, for example, moving it side to side can turn the toy’s head and pushing your hands forward can make it also move forward. Turning your palms face up or down will also make the robot do something else.


The watch like prototype is called the Force Band, no price is yet communicated, but early owner of the Sphero will be able to get it later this year, we still have to wait for the final design for more informations.