Chronos will turns your ordinary watch into a smart one

What if you just like your old ordinary time piece, what if you’re not into smartwatches, well, with this new accessory, you will be able to keep your old watch and turn it into a smartwatch with plenty of capabilities.

Chronos is a coin shaped small device that wants to attach to the bottom of your old watch, according to the company behind it, the device size is compatible with 80% of the existing watches, anyway, lets pass to what Chronos can do.. Once attached and configured using a companion Android and iOS app, the small coin can bring you smartphone notifications through a LED light, you can select the light’s colors to distinguish between those notifications, the device is also able to track your fitness by tracking your steps and walked distances, and guess what! your mechanical watch face could also be a smarter one! thanks to a gesture control feature, Chronos will allow you to configure specific gestures to dismiss notifications or to take a smartphone photo by swiping or tapping on the ordinary dumb watch face.

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The device can be pre-ordered from the official website for an affordable price of $99, of course, the Chronos should be recharged, and that’s through its wireless charging feature, the battery can last up to 36 hours on a single charge, do you consider getting this treat for your old watch?