Colleer UW1 HRM Sport Watch Review

So a company called Colleer sent me their fitness tracker for a review, and it is called the UW1, this device cost $28 on Amazon, and for that price, it claims to have really interesting functionalities like heart rate monitoring and waterproofness, so, i will be reviewing it to see if it really worth getting, and if it deliver these descriptions.


Right out of the box, you’ll get the fitness tracker, i have the black model, but you can get the blue or the green one, the UW1 looks more like a sport watch with this round display, this is a rubber plastic soft band like most of the fitness trackers, the main thinking part is a glass display with a plastic shiny bezel, the display looks alot like a mirror, they want to call it the mirror screen, so depending on your taste, i don’t know if you will like this look. but for me, this mirror display makes it really hard to see data in the daylight, all i was able to see is my face in the mirror, so that’s something you may want to consider, but if you’re inside, you will clearly see it, it is a simple display with just the data you need, without colors and without icons.

on the back side, you can find the HRM sensor, there is a small bump of the back, but it is not obvious when you wear the device.

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More from inside the box is the magnetic charger, this is much easier to use than a micro USB one, you just need to pose the device on it to juice it up, so i think this is a plus for the price.
So build quality is OK, it does not feel premium, and that’s ok for the price, it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time, so two words about the design, if you’re looking for fashion, this is not for you, but if you’re looking for features, stick with me i’ll now get the testing part.


 so here are the features on paper, the company claim that this is a waterproof device, it can calculate your steps, distances and burned calories along with sleep monitoring, which are the basics of a fitness tracker, but with this low price, the UW1 can also monitor your heart rate, blood pressure (yeah you read that right), and also give you calls and reminders.

I went for a little waterproofness test before using it for a long time, the device is IP67 certified, so i’ve poured some water on it, and it actually survived as promised.

I have spent two weeks using this device, and first thing is the battery life, i was able to get 6 days of continuous use on a single charge, which is great, Step tracking is pretty accurate, i was using the S health app at the same time, and the difference is not that much for both steps and distances. and talking about distances, you can actually get advantage of your phone GPS and use the app to calculate precise distances when doing outdoor run sessions, but unfortunately you have to take your phone out with you.

Before getting to the other features, you have to know that of course, the device comes with its Android and iOS app, the app is called the H Band, you can get it on the Play store or by scanning the QR code, the app looks really clean and it’s easy to use, after syncing your bracelet via bluetooth, the main dashboard shows your daily steps, sleep tracking, Heart rate, and blood pressure, every section can get you in a more detailed interface about those data.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accurate metrics (exept sleep)
  • Good battery life
  • HRM

  • Can’t see the display on daylight
  • Inaccurate Sleep Tracking

So lets see the advanced feature, this device is able to monitor your heart rate and give you blood pressure, the latter should be an estimation based on the heart rate, so i really don’t totally trust it, but the Heart rate monitoring is pretty accurate, in fact it is automatically done every 30 minutes, than, the average is calculated at the end of the day.

Beside automatically doing it, you can also manually trigger it from the UW1 wristband, or even from the app itself. I have compared my heart rate at the same time with a data read from the S health app, and i was getting pretty much the same thing. So as a conclusion, heart rate monitoring is great for this low price.

The cool other thing is the ability to get notifications from your phone, after allowing them on the app, you can actually get calls, sms, facebook, twitter and other notifications on your wrist, when your phone receive one of these, the wristband will vibrate and show you just the app icon giving the notifications, so there is no caller ID or message preview, but at least, you can know which app is notifying you, for this to work, your phone bluetooth needs to be ON.

If you’re sitting for a long period of time, the device can also vibrate and remind you to get up an move.

UW1 Heart Rate Sport Watch

A good budget product to start your healthy journey

$29.99 $49.99

Colleer UW1 HRM Sport Watch Review

The missing thing here, is that this does not automatically detect your exercises, which you cannot really ask for in this price range, but, you cannot even manually record the exercise you’re doing on the app, you will just get your steps, distance, heart rate, and sleep data, no matter what are your activities, which i can blame on the app, and talking about sleep, the data that i got from the app is completely wrong, i was sleeping from midnight to 8am, and the device has recorded that i slept from 10 pm to about 7 am, which is not right, so, just go somewhere else if you’re looking for sleep tracking, but for other metrics and features, and for this price, you really cannot complain a lot, specially with the heart rate monitoring.

So this was my review on the UW1 fitness tracker, if you have something to add or ask, feel free to do it on the comment section below!

6.8 Total Score
Good for the price

Build Quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accurate metrics (exept sleep)
  • Good battery life
  • HRM
  • Can't see the display on daylight
  • Inaccurate Sleep Tracking
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