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Amazing Moments When Deaf Persons Hears For The First Time

Technology is surely making our lives easier the most of the time, specially when it comes to give new abilities to impaired people, those deaf people finally gets to hear the sound for the first time in their lives, thanks to an ear wear technology, the Cochlear Implants.

How this Technology Works

A cochlear implant is a small, complex electronic device that can help to provide a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing, small, these surgically implanted electronic devices pick up and process sounds thanks to a microphone and speech processor that selects and arranges the picked up sounds then deliver them straight to the brain. The cochlear features a transmitter and receiver stimulator to receive signals from the speech processor and convert them into electric impulses, then, an electrode array collects the impulses from the stimulator and sends them to different regions of the auditory nerve.