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Digitsole will track your steps and warm your Toes!

Beside of being an activity tracker, Digitsole has a new form other than a wristband, and it is also useful to warm your feet when they are cold, the device is a smart insole that goes into your shoes to track your activity.

The company has made it in men’s and women’s sizes, the device is packed with motion sensors that will track steps, distances and burned calories, and according to Digitsole, those sensors are much more accurate that a wrist based activity tracker. The smart insole is also waterproof, and in addition of tracking your activity, the device can heat up your feet up to 30 degrees, so you will feel warmer in winter, you can control the thermostat and also see your daily stats on a dedicated Android and iOS app.


Digitsole smart insole will go on sale starting October this year, and it will cost you $199. Are you excited about it ? please let us know in the comment section below.