Dlodlo VR Glasses wants to be added to your list!

Dlodlo, a Chinese company that wants to compete with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has unveiled a new VR headset called the V1, and with its specs and look, this should blow out the competitors.

As you can see from the picture, Dlodlo V1 looks alot like normal sunglasses, which makes it suitable and fashionable enough to wear on the street, according to the company, the device weight only 80 grams (vs 500 grams for the Vive), it is packed with a Full HD 2K display with 110 degrees field of view, a 120Hz refresh rate and two 9-axis sensors.


The Dlodlo V1 works by plugging it to a PC, or to the D1 device from the company, which is like an iPod touch that provide the processing power to the VR headset, the headset also works with many Bluetooth equipped devices like your headphones, tablets, speakers and more.. The V1 is heavily priced at $559 and should be available in October.