FALKN Blk-Hawks Eko Truly Wireless Earbuds Review – Premium at Smaller Price !

Another review, another wireless earbud, it has been a while that I’m reviewing several wireless headphones, this time with a truly wireless one called the FALKN Blk-Hawks Eko wireless earbuds, long name, I know, they are pretty expensive ones coming for $179 for a brand new brand, but who knows they will take on big names like jaybird and bose, that’s what we’re going to find out.

Unboxing and Design

Out from the box, you get a pretty big charging case with the earbuds attached,  you get also some extra eartips and a usb charging cable. Despite its size, The charging case is very lightweight, it contains a mini usb port for recharging it, and 4 led lights that indicates the battery level when plugging it.

the earpieces stick via magnet to be recharged, and they also come with a led light on each side indicating the charging and the use mode status. And since we’re talking battery, the case can give you up to  17 times extra recharges for each side, that’s really huge compared to the competition, you can practically use it for 10 days or more without needing to  recharge the case again, while the earbuds themselves will last about 4 hours of listening time when in stereo mode, it is a short time, but the charging dock really makes out for it.

The design is pretty convenient, at least for me, because for truly wireless earbuds, I prefer something discrete that only plug into the ears, without the extra hanging part like on the apple Airpods. These are made of a shiny black plastic which looks okay, I mean all truly wireless earbuds are made of plastic until now. I miss the Left and Right indication on each side, but when you try to wear them, you will figure it out.

FALKN Blk-Hawks Eko Edition

Truly Wireless Earbuds


For comfort, I wished them to be more secure when moving my head, walking or running, my experience with the Falkn is  not quite impressive for this part, the device stick well to  your ears when you’re not moving alot, at home or work or when simply walking, but once you decide to run or move a lot with your head and specially reach for the earpieces buttons with your hands for skipping a song for example, the device can easily loosen up and might fall from your ears on some occasions, which is of course annoying.

Also when pressing the earpieces buttons when inside your ears, I felt I had to push the buttons a little bit harder to pause or skip songs, and I think that’s the reason why they tend to fall since this destabilize them. a Touch sensitive surface would have been much better for this. The temporary solution for me was to manipulate it with two fingers so it does not fall often.

Features and sound

So what these can deliver for this price, well here are the simple features, you get a button on each side for skipping songs, pausing and answering phone calls, the earbuds will read the caller number from your phone display so you directly know who is calling, a cool little feature so you don’t have to reach for your phone to know who’s calling, and it would have been great if the device can read the caller name too. On the other hand you cannot change the volume from the earbuds, you still need your phone for that.

The FALKN Eko is IP64 certified, that makes them sweat and water splash resistant , which mean it can stand some rain if you’re running outside.

  • Good Design
  • Extremly Good battery life (charging dock)
  • Descrete look
  • Good Warm Bass
  • IP64 Certified

  • Not secure enough for workouts
  • buttons little hard to press

The device uses Bluetooth 4.2, which means you’re getting 30 feets or 10 meters of freedom range from the phone, and according to my testings, I was able to get pretty away without a noticeable connection lost.

Lets talk sound and music, as I said I was testing several earbuds, and this one makes it to my top favorite list, the sound is clear, and there is no distortion at max volume, I like the bass on these it is warm and not over taking the other frequencies, I only wished the mids were more bright and less recessed. But as an overall experience, yes these sound good, not great though.

They also come with Active Noise Canceling built in, it decently block the outside noise when in transit or in busy places, but you don’t have the option to disable it, I did not find a button for that. I think This is something to consider for later device updates.

Bottom line

So here is the bottom line, these earbuds can enter the high end competition, but they cannot be the first, there are improvements to be made, these needs to be more secure for workouts, and there is also a good room for sound improvements so it can be more balanced and less recessed at mid frequencies. On the other hand the design and battery life are pretty great, as I said sound is not the best, but it is one of the best that I have tried, now I tend to use these daily along with other from my favorite devices. So I say that these are a good purchase for the price, of course you can add $50 or $60 for a more premium one like Bose or Jaybird, but if you’re budget does not allow it, these are good alternatives.

Hope this review was helpful, feel free to leave your questions and thoughts on the comment section below.

8 Total Score
Premium at Smaller Price !

These are well designed earbuds, coming at a little less cheaper price than the premium competition like bose and jaybird, but it deliver a decent sound for the price

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