Figment VR is the viartual reality case for iPhone

Everyone is developing its own VR headset, Samsung, Google, Oculus and many more, but what about Apple, the company is not yet showing any obvious interest in virtual reality, well it might do it soon, but in that waiting time, Figment is launched on Kickstarter to be a two in one VR headset and a phone case for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 plus/6S plus.

On a first look, the Figment VR seems like a normal iPhone case, but once a button is triggered, two lenses comes out from the case’s back in front of the iPhone screen to act like a virtual reality viewer, you can just put them as glasses for your eyes while holding with your hands to enjoy 360 videos and VR iOS apps. The device seems to be lacking something important for VR, the empty space between the lenses and the phone screen is not covered, which will let the external light inside to make your experience less enjoyable, dark compartment is a better way to see images more clearly.


The device comes in two black and white colors, you can choose your own and pledge it for $49 to get it by March 2016, and if you want to wait, you will be able to purchase it for $79 when it goes public.