CES 2016: Finally, Fitbit unveils a new fintess tracker

Are we wrong? or does this really look like an Apple Watch! Anyway, since the late 2014, Fitbit came with its famous and well successful fitness devices, the Fitbit Flex, the Charge HR and the Surge, those wristbands made Fitbit the best selling fitness trackers company to this moment, but with new competitors on the market, the company had to come with a new product, so here it come the Fitbit Blaze.

The Fitbit Blaze is a new wristband, and this time with a 1.66-inch color touch LCD display and improved functionalities, beside of tracking your sleep, your walking distances and steps and continuous heart rate monitoring using the Fitbit home made PurePulse heart rate sensor, the device software is now packed with new modes to track cycling, cross training and weight training session, the newly introduced SmartTrack software can also automatically recognize your current exercises in order to record them. The new Blaze is capable of handling smartphone notifications using Bluetooth, beside of controlling your music and getting custom watch faces. Of course, all of your data will be synchronized and sent to your smartphone app and to the Fitbit web portal.


And now lets move to the bad or lacking features on this baby, the Fitbit Blaze is not waterproof, but it can only take small drops of rain, also, the device does not pack a GPS sensor, which mean that you will need your phone with you in order to accurately track and record your running roads and distances, and the last con that we can see until now, is partial notification handling, the device can only bring you basic smartphone notifications like called ID, text messages and calendar events, no third party apps are supported.

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The new Fitbit Blaze comes with multiple color band choices which are the black, blue or plum,  the wearable device will be available in its “Luxe Collection” bringing metal links and steel frame or leather band and steel frame. The 5 days battery life device is available for pre-orders for a price of $199.95 (which is less than the older Fitbit Surge, $249.95).