Fitbit Alta – Everything you need to know about it

As we have covered before, Fitbit has recently unveiled the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker, the successor of the also newly born Fitbit Blaze, the device came to add some choice and diverse options to the company’s new fitness trackers, so if you’re looking for a device, here is all you need to know about the Fitbit Alta.


Remember the Fitbit Blaze from earlier this year? the device had an Apple Watch like touch display and design and it packed the maximum of functionalities from heart rate measuring, daily fitness tracking, GPS tracking and almost full smartphone notifications, but with th new Fitbit Alta, the company seems to be considering it as its budget 2016 fitness tracker, the device as a traditional fitness tracking device look, simple band and a small OLED display that will sense your fingers.

The Fitbit Alta will be available in different styles and color options, the premium versions will contain the graphite leather, pink leather and stainless steel, while the normal versions will contain black, blue, plumb and teal colors with lower price. The company is also planning to bring Tory Burch designed Alta bands soon, bands are interchangeable and they come with three different sizes.



The device is here to track your basic activities which are steps, distances, active time and burned calories, the Fitbit Alta can also automatically track your sleep, and while it can do automatic detecting, the SmartTrack feature can also detect and record your activity without your need to select the sport you’re doing, the device can also remind you with your long inactivity and give you a small challenge of 250 steps per hour.

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The OLED touchscreen can show you basic notifications like calendar, text and calls, and of course your progress, but no third party apps notifications is supported. For the device endurance, the Fitbit Alta comes with a 5 days battery life, it is is sweat, rain and splash proof so you cannot take it for deep swimming! The Alta fitness tracker is compatible with Android, iOS and Window Phones.

Price and Availability

The device is now available for your pre-orders in the classic colors and that’s for $139, extra band are not yet available but they will cost you the following, $29.95 for the classic colors, $59.95 for the leather and graphite bands, and a whole $99.99 for the stainless steel silver bangle.