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FitBit Charge HR Review

there are many activity trackers in the market, and depending on your needs, you will pick your favorite, some of you is a runner that need his steps counted and others are gym people that need information about their heart’s activities, and some may want just to track their sleeping problems, this is the FitBit Charge HR review, the all in one activity tracker.



Congratulation to this FitBit company with making two of the best selling fitness trackers in the world, the Fitbit Charge HR has a great design, with a thicker wristband than the Fitbit Flex, and with a monochrome OLED display, you can easily see your data in real time, the display is little small, but the displayed texts are vibrant and easy to read. The device will look great both on men and women thanks to its textured silicone rubber available in plum, blue and tangerine colors.

You may heard of the skin irritations caused by the FitBit, if you wear it for much long time, you will get some skin rashes, unless you have a none sensitive skin, that will not bother you, otherwise, you may want to follow the company’s advice. Other than this annoying detail for some of you, the FitBit Charge HR is highly recommended, check the great features below.



The device comes with heart rate monitoring feature. The FitBit tracks your usual daily statistics like steps taken and calories burned, it can also be used as a stopwatch by holding the button on the left to start tracking your training sessions. A great other feature is the automatic sleep tracking mode, which means that you don’t need to activate this feature when going to sleep, the device uses your heart rate and movements data to automatically enter in sleep mode.

In the sleep mode, you will get your slept hours, and a graph showing when you’ve turned or tossed, the device will not inform you about deep or light sleeping, if you’re are more into sleep tracking, you may want to go with the Withings Activité Pop or the Misfit Shine, but you will loose in term of activity tracking features, because the FitBit Charge HR really do it all !

One additional good feature is the caller ID, the FitBit Charge HR sync to your Android and iOS smartphone to show you the caller name on its monochrome OLED display, but you can’t take the call from there, you need to bring up your phone.

The FitBit Charge HR is waterproof, but in case you’re just taking a shower a washing your hands.. you can’t immerse it inside the water like swimming in a pool.

The device keep scoring extra points versus its competitors with its extra features, unlike other activity trackers, this device does not ignore other types of workouts other than running and cycling, because as you may know, popular fitness trackers will only track your steps and cycling activities, but if are into another type of sport, you will not get much informations, FitBit Charge HR stand out from the competition with its optical heart rate monitor that will give much more data when hitting the Gym. If you’re curious how it works, the heart rate monitor uses a bright LED to track the blood pulsing through your wrist.

The FitBit Charge HR does not contain any GPS, so you will not get your walked distance, and it doesn’t try to estimate it using your walked steps number, i think that’s better than estimating and giving wrong data like some competitors.

The App


The App is clean, simple and easy to use, there is no problems with syncing with the device. The app main screen contains your daily data like step walked, heart rate, stairs climbed, amount of active minutes and calories burned.. It also allow you to set your daily goals and track your progress. For food and nutrition tracking, you will need to manually introduce your data.

Battery Life

According to the company, the FitBit Charge HR should last for 5 days, and after testing, the device can even last longer than that, if you’re curious about how it charges, the FitBit comes with a proprietary cable that magnetically attaches into the back of the device, So don’t loose it !


The Fitbit Charge HR is somehow the best all in one activity tracker out there, runners will surely miss the GPS to get more detailed informations, but if you’re a Gym fan you’ll love the features, the device tracks almost all your activities including your sleep, but not in complex sleeping details.

while the device is not completely waterproof but you can put it to poring water, otherwise, you will enjoy the caller ID feature. It is highly recommended for those who wants an all in one activity tracker. Want to get it? just hit the Amazon button below.

8.4 Total Score

The best all in one tracker

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