FOVE VR Headset Will Also Track Your Eye Movements


Virtual Reality headsets will surely invade us like the smartphones invasion, many manufacturers are working on their own and trying to add some special features, as you may know, VR headsets can immerse you into a 3D virtual world that you can interact with, using basically your head movement tracking.

With the Fove new VR headset, you can look into your world using just your eyes, an eye tracking system is implemented in order to reduce your neck movements which usally causes nausea. Aming with your eyes will be great, all you nedd to do is first calibrating your headset by following a green dot, then enjoy using your eyes!

According to kickstarter, characters will react when you make eye contact. Much more can be conveyed in a glance than ever possible before, you can see characters behave and react differently while they are being watched..

Fove Virtual Reality heaset will cost you $399 from retailers, but you can pledge and get it earlier and for lower price from kickstarter.