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Garmin Quatix 3 is your aquatic smartwatch!

When it comes to sport watches, Garmin is the best company that could impress us with its products, and now, the company is unveiling a new outdoors focused smartwatch, the Garmin Quatix 3 that also focuses alot on nautical and aquatic metrics.

If you’re into boating and fishing, this will be the right device for you, the Quatix 3 can bring important data like depth, wind direction, temperature and speed, fishermen and sailors will be also the biggest winners, the watch can be used as a catch log and a countdown to the end of a competition, sailors will be pleased with the tack assist and knowing if the boat is being lifted or headed, racers will also get several features like distance to the start and a race countdown timer.

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Combining both advanced nautical data and the GPS, the Garmin Quatix 3 will be a powerful outdoor activity tracker, the device can also track other types of trainings such as swimming, cycling and of course running, all your data will be diplayed on the watch screen and stored on your Android or iOS app.

The Quatix 3 will be pretty expensive due to its specific orientation, the device will cost $599 and it will be available at the first Quarter of 2016.

  • Marcel

    I’ve got a Garmin Quatix 3 aquatic smartwatch with urtime Aquatic watchface! LOL!