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Garmin unveils 3 new Forerunners

For active sport practicer, Garmin has proven to be one of the best companies focusing on sport and fitness, the company now comes with a new set of updated sport watches that will get your attention, as long as you are a sport person.

Garmin comes back with three sport watches which are the Forerunner 630: an updated version of the Forerunner 620, the Forerunner 230 and the 235, all of them are packer with a GPS feature to give you more accurate data. the Garmin Forerunner 630 can now bring you smartphone notifications from both your Android and iOS devices, and beside of the usual tracked fitness and activity data, the watch is now packed with new sensors and features like the ability to track your stride length and vertical ratio, and more is there, the 630 is also able to tell you if you’re risking injury, by calculating lactate threshold and real time performance, then knowing if you are too tired. The one missing thing is the heart rate monitor, but you can always use the chest strap to get your vertical oscillations and rpm.

That was the Forerunner 630, so what about the other two, the Forerunner 230 and 235, the latter comes packed with a heart rate sensor and with new capabilities like smartphone notifications and maximal oxygen consumption calculation (VO2 stats). The last one is the Forerunner 230, this one still need that chest strap for heart rate data but it will track your sport and daily activities.

The Garmin Forerunner 630, the the Forerunner 230 and the 235 are respectively priced at $399.99, $329.99 and $249.99, so if you’re a sport person, this might be the perfect choice.